Different Adventure [With Locksmiths]

Okay, I (you realise there is a real person typing all these words and adding images here) have been writing about art and cultural scene of Chicago on this website. Today, I will deviate from the topic of this website & talk about my personal experience.

Some days are not that lucky! Yesterday was that day for me.

Not my scooter ;)

Late evening, I wanted to go out in the city for a new adventure in its art & culture scene. So, I started looking for my scooter keys (yes, I own a scooter). It wasn't anywhere to be seen. Looked for it in all of my jeans, checked the pile of dirty clothes, under the bed and all the places I could expect the keys to be lying hidden. Nothing really helped. So, instead of an art adventure, I embarked on the excitement of calling up a local Chicago locksmith for bringing my scooter back to life.

I started out with the usual way of looking for an auto locksmith who could get me keys for my scooter. There was Yelp locksmiths for Chicago too. I called up one of the locksmiths to check the damage it would do to my pocket. Lo and behold, my first guy who was there in ads section of the search only did car keys. No scooters, I was told. Dismayed!

I then called up another locksmith, this time from Yelp listings. Nope, still no luck. Chicago does seem to have key troubles only with cars. Scooters seemed to be non-existent for these two locksmiths whom I had called so far.

Frustrated, I called up another locksmith this time. One that I found in search organic listing (not the ads). "Scooter keys?" that what I blurted. I did not bother to speak anything else. "Yes.................." I was relieved hearing the "yes" and missed the rest of his answer.

With the usual questions and checking prices, I asked this person to send a locksmith to rescue my scooter from the dead. This guy, one friendly chap from Omega Locksmith, showed up in 20-odd minutes or so. In the next 30 minutes, I had my scooter keys replace. Not a bad experience. The locksmith chap as a chirpy one. (Forget his name now.) I will now get the whole lock replaced soon.

The urge for an art adventure had left after the key adventure. I have been told to get the lock replaced if I cannot find the original keys. That is an adventure that I want to save for a more leisurely day. Kapish!