Art Museums of Chicago [Places to See in Chicago]

Chicago can mesmerise visitors with its stunning tall skylines, but that's just one aspect of the city. Chicago is an important art and culture hub in America.

So, there's bound to be art museums in this major American city.

Here is a list of  prominent ART MUSEUMS in the City of Chicago. Go for an exhilarating ride to the world of period, contemporary, eclectic as well as eccentric art works in one long spin.

1. The Art Institute of Chicago

If you ask anyone of a recommendation for art galleries in Chicago, this one will invariably at the to of the list. So it is here at the top too. It is among the most popular art museums in Chicago. It also has an important stature in the art scene of the US. It is home to 2,50,000+ art works from the world over, spanning across 5,000 years.

2. Smart Museum of Art

The Smart Museum is the official art museum of the University of Chicago. It has some famous exhibits, and houses a large collection of art work. It's free to visit!

3. Museum of Contemporary Art

As the name suggests, this museum is among the largest museums for contemporary art since 1945. The art on showcase in the museum include paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and even art performances.

4. National Museum of Mexican Art

Though the existing US President might want to keep Mexicans at a distance with his famed (or ill-famed, you choose) border wall, this museum takes US and its citizens close to Mexican art. It is one of the most prominent display of Mexican culture in the US. With around 7,500 pieces of art, the exhibits belong to ancient Mexico as well as the contemporary Mexican-American culture. Located at 1852 W. 19th street Chicago, IL 60608, the museum is free to access.