Chicago's Museums & Art Galleries [Must See in Chicago]

What is the image that conjures in your mind when you think of Chicago? I guess tall skyscrapers, pizza, and the one that we are interested in -- MUSEUMS & GALLERIES.

Here's a list of the museums & art galleries that you must visit when in Chicago.

1. Museum of Science and Industry : It is the largest museum of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The Field Museum of natural history is home to the world’s largest dinosaur and also the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

2. The Art Institute of Chicago : It holds the largest collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artworks outside of France.

3. The Smart Museum of Art at The University of Chicago

4. The Museum of Contemporary Art 

5. DePaul (University) Art Museum

6. Gallery Weekend Chicago: Chicago boasts of some of the best museums and art galleries. If you want to see one of the best examples for the gallery space in Chicago. 

In addition, Chicago has many artist-run galleries that offer a delightful experience. Chicago has a great history of artist-run art galleries and apartment galleries, along with commercial art galleries.